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Sewer Inspection

A sewer inspection is an add on testing service that can be completed right at your Michigan residential home inspection. We suggest a sewer scope and camera test to see the condition of your main line. Often, these have not been inspected with any modern equipment for decades!

Sewer Scope and Video

The condition of your main sewer line can easily be determined with state of the art modern camera and sewer scope service added onto your regular home inspection. It is suggested for older homes. Main sewer line issues are extremely costly to fix.

Sewer Scope Targets Condition

A sewer scope is a specialized service that sends a camera into your main sewer line to look for any blockages or causes for concern, such as cracks, clogs, or roots growing into the system. While doing the sewer scope inspection, the camera will slowly move through the system and record the journey, revealing any hidden issues on our monitor above ground. We notate all issues and verbally advise the homebuyers and agents.

Sewer scopes are usually recommended for homes that are 20+ years old, have mature trees in the front yard, and have a new cleanout cap. This is an indication of a problem with the sewer line in the past, and if the homeowner hasn’t replaced the line, the issue may recur shortly. Newer homes may exhibit evidence of sewer line settlement.
Septic inspections are required if the home has a septic system.

Sewer Line Inspection Cost

A main sewer line inspection is not always included in a home inspection for two main reasons:

  • Inspecting the main sewer line requires expensive equipment that most home inspectors don’t have. Main sewer line inspection cost is affordable with Top Floor Inspections. Our Video Sewer Scope Inspection is just $145. Plumbers charge much higher rates.
  • Sometimes homes do not have accessible sewer cleanouts and a plumber may be necessary to inspect the sewer line. It may be necessary to install or replace a cleanout or remove and replace a toilet to complete the inspection. If we have issues with access we let you know right at the inspection, along with solutions.

Should I Do A Sewer Scope Inspection?

Sewer scope inspections are frequently performed by homeowners for a number of reasons, including:

  • Problems with the main sewer line: If you are experiencing clogging or backup issues with your system, a sewer scope inspection can help identify and find the problem.
  • Buying/selling a home: A sewer scope inspection is typically not included with a standard home inspection but buyers may opt for one to ensure there won’t be any costly plumbing surprises down the road. Main sewer line issues are very costly and tear up an entire yard. Peace of mind to know you’re making a sound real estate investment. Some homes haven’t had a main sewer line inspection since the advent of sewer cameras and scopes, and others haven’t had one at all!

How Long Does A Sewer Scope Inspection take?

The average sewer scope inspection takes approximately 30 minutes. The timeframe can vary depending on the access to your main sewer line. It can also vary whether or not the camera has issues traveling through the system at a reasonable pace. We will let you know during this inspection of our findings. We will also be notating your report with detailed findings.