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Questions about Mold Testing?

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Mold Testing and Analysis

A mold inspection involves checking for water leakage or visible mold. Water leakage or moisture is the precursor to mold growing. We check for leaks from external sources (roof to the bottom floor foundation and internal sources (plumbing, HVAC system).

We take mold surface samples with a swab. Surface sampling is typically performed when there's a visible presence of mold or what appears to be mold. We are trained in correct gathering techniques necessary for proper lab analysis. After the testing is complete, the samples are sent to a certified laboratory for analysis.

Results typically come within 48 hours after the inspection directly to the email address you provided for you and your Michigan real estate agent.

Research & Analyze

We search very specific areas during an inspection that we know may contain mold. We are looking for present or past signs of water or moisture intrusion. If any visible mold is present we take a swab and send it to a lab for analysis. Sometimes mold can be smelled and others it cannot. Mold air quality testing can unveil mold spores present even if it visibly cannot be seen.

Lab Analysis & Results

After the home inspection and mold investigation and testing is complete, the samples collected are sent immediately to and analyzed by a certified lab. Results typically take between 24-48 hours (depending on the day of week submitted)

Here are a few places a Top Floor home inspector is looking for mold during a mold inspection:

  • The Air Handler – This area typically can have a lot of mold growth especially if it unmaintained and/or the filter has not been replaced with a HEPA filter.
  • The Roof & Attic – A common spot for water entry through roof leaks.
  • Exterior walls – Another common entry point for water intrusion.
  • Plumbing systems – Using thermography cameras and their knowledge of construction, inspectors can find possible water leaks inside the walls.

Sources About Mold and Mold Testing