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Questions about Water Quality Testing?

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Water Quality Testing for Home Inspections

Water quality testing is a process that tests a household's water supply for contaminants such as chlorine, lead, eColi, arsenic and coliform bacteria. Testing can also reveal chemical imbalances of the pH, and other attributes, such as hardness. Testing ensures that the water in the home is potable and safe to drink.

Top Floor Home Inspections offers affordable water quality testing as an ancillary service you can add onto your standard home inspection. Results are analyzed by a certified testing lab and emailed to you in 48 hours.

Water Quality Testing Matters

Water quality testing is more important than you realize. Water supply in a home you may be buying should be tested because it may be effected by dangerous levels of bacteria, including E. coli and coliform, elevated levels of nitrates or nitrates from fertilizers that have leached into the groundwater.
Our samples are sent to a certified professional lab for analysis for Flouride levels, mineral contaminants such as iron, arsenic and heavy metal contamination from lead.

Avoid Health Issues

A Michigan homebuyer waived their inspection but later suffered from unexplainable health issues. A water quality test was performed to reveal they had mineral contaminates from Arsenic! If your unsure, a simple water test can be performed at your home inspection!

Do home inspectors test drinking water?

Top Floor Home Inspections can perform professional drinking water quality test for you at your home inspection. The reason we offer this can be stated in two words: Flint, Michigan.

Although water is tested at Michigan water supply facilities, the water quality in your home can be different! Once water leaves the facility, water flows through the service lines and your home’s plumbing. This is where contaminants can enter the water.

MOST contaminants in water don’t smell, have a color, or any taste (some do). The only way to know is by testing your drinking water.

Why homebuyers should test drinking water quality

When buying a home, the last thing we are thinking about is if contaminates are making our drinking water unsafe. It’s a good idea to get a test to know more about your future drinking water.

Recently a Michigan family discovered their home’s water was contaminated from dangerous levels of arsenic. We advise you to at least consider having your drinking water tested during your Michigan home inspection.

Importance of Water Testing in a Home Inspection

Annual water quality testing is recommended by the EPA for bacteria, nitrates, solids, pH levels, and other factors. It may be necessary to perform these tests more frequently if the home’s occupants are older (infants are particularly susceptible to lead exposure), if contamination is known, or if any repair or construction work has recently been done on or around the well or plumbing system. There are many conditions under which a water quality test should be conducted, according to the EPA

Cost of Water Quality Testing at Home Inspection

Our Water Quality Testing with Lab Analysis is $75 with a home inspection. Call to inquire about price without a home inspection.

Request Water Quality testing either when you schedule your home inspection, or you can always add it on at your home inspection. We always carry additional testing equipment with us. Call Us at: 586.345.5299