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Most common questions about our Home Inspection and Add On Testing Services

How do I receive the home inspection report??

Our inspection reports are emailed to you and your agent within 24 hours of your home inspection in Michigan. Our reports include photographs, and are not overly complex to digest while still being detailed and thorough!

How long does the home inspection take??

Plan on 2 to 3 hours depending on square footage of home and any additional buildings on the property.

How do I schedule a home inspection??

Please call (586) 345-5299 to schedule your home inspection or fill out our handy form on our home page and we will get back to you to schedule your preferred day and time.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantee??

We offer an incredible value of free warranties with each and every inspection. 18-Month, Sewar, Mold, Structural, Radon and Roof Leaks. RecallCheck is included! Take a look at our warranties page.

When do I receive the inspection report??

Our inspection reports are emailed to you and your agent within 24 hours of your home inspection. Some testing services take an extra day but the results are immediately emailed to both you and your real estate agent.

Should I be at the home inspection??

This is the time you get to know the details of your new home and we always suggest one of the primary buyers is present in order to get our detailed walk through explaining the systems and condition of your home.

Should I get a home inspection on a new construction home??

Your home is fresh and new so it may seem an inspection is not necessary but often it is to go over and make sure systems are connected and there are no major issues or incomplete work found. It doesn't include a standard home inspection contingency like older homes. We can detail any safety issues, major repairs or cosmetic flaws. This will ensure that subcontractors who maybe did some of the work didn't miss anything or make an error. Missing insulation has been found, unfinished construction, cracked siding, improperly installed plumbing, HVAC installed incorrectly, water heater not hooked up properly, poorly fitted doors, incorrectly installed appliances, dents in siding or garage doors. Just to name a few items.

Do you do a Video Sewer Scope inspection??

Yes! We absolutely use the most up-to-date, modern video sewer scope cameras and equipment to inspect and get a clear image of your main sewer line and pipe. We will be able to spot any clogs, tree roots or possible damage to the pipe itself.

How do I test my house for mold??

We offer as an additional service, Mold Inspection, Mold Testing and Lab Analysis. We inspect your home for conditions aiding mold growth and in areas where mold grows. We are certified to perform your mold testing and analysis along with indoor air quality testing.
Mold is often noticed with odors and staining but sometimes it is not noticable to the eye. We do surface sampling when there is a visible presence of mold found. After testing, the samples are sent to a certified lab for analysis. Results are emailed within 48 hours, typically faster.

Do you remediate or clean up Mold??

Top Floor Home Inspections LLC does not remediate mold, however we can recommend some local companies that have great google reviews and decades specializing in mold removal.

Is Radon testing really necessary??

Top Floor Home Inspections provides radon testing to Michigan homebuyers, home sellers and those suspecting radon issues in a home. Almost 20,000 deaths a year occur in the US due to high Radon Gas Levels. Many homes have never been tested despite radon gas being the leading cause of lung cancer deaths each year. It should be a priority when considering buying a home because you cannot see, taste or smell radon. Read more at our Radon testing webpage.

How much does a Radon Test cost??

Top Floor Home Inspections provides affordable and reliable radon testing and analysis for $145. Please request at time of scheduling your inspection. We always carry our equipment with us to an inspection, in case you want to add it on at your Michigan home inspection.