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radon enters homes
24 September

Radon Testing: Is Radon Testing Really Necessary?

Why Radon testing is necessary and facts concerning high cases of lung cancer from radon in homes. Click on to explore testing before you buy a home.

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waiving home inspection risk
8 September

Why Waiving a Home Inspection Is Risky

Should I waive a home inspection? Waiving a home inspection favors a Seller more than a Buyer. If you don’t get a home inspection on what may be the single largest investment of your lifetime, you may be taking a bigger risk than you realize. If you skip your right to an inspection as a […]

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mold testing and inspection
31 August

Mold Inspection and Testing for Michigan Homebuyers

At a home inspection, the inspector checks areas with where moisture or water damage is found. Click on to see why performing Mold testing may be critical to your health.

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michigan sewer inspection
31 July

Why a Sewer Inspection Is Important for Home Inspections

Explore why a Sewer Inspection and video scope is important to have done during your home inspection. Click to see why the condition of main sewer line is a big deal!

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31 July

What To Expect At a Home Inspection

Here’s what to expect at your home inspection in Michigan with Top Floor Home Inspections.

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