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25 January

How to Choose a Home Inspector

When choosing a home inspector there’s a couple of things to think about. A home inspection is an important step in the process of purchasing a home. It is a thorough examination of the property by a qualified professional inspector, designed to identify any potential issues or problems with the home. The inspector will check […]

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8 January

7 Areas a Home Inspection Looks At

If you’re buying a new home, chances are you have scheduled a home inspection and need a handy home inspection checklist to review. In this article, you’ll see seven key areas of your home that your home inspector will examine. Taking it more in depth and beyond the old-school checkbox style of a home inspector’s […]

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29 December

New Construction Home Inspection: Why It Matters

It may seem that a new construction home inspection isn’t needed because everything is freshly build. However, the reality is that home inspectors find issues with new construction homes all over the United States. It’s not just what they find, but how often. The data collected from home buyers following their construction inspections raises enough […]

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lead paint inspections, lead paint, lead exposure
4 December

Do Home Inspections Check for Lead Based Paint?

Most home inspectors do not have the specific licensing to test for lead-based paint. However, there are a few who do. Home inspectors take into account the age of the home when examining it, and note any areas or signs of lead-based paint in their reports. In spite of the fact that lead-based paint cannot […]

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asbestos, home inspection, asbestos inspection
25 November

Do Home Inspections Check for Asbestos?

You may be wondering if your home inspection will check for asbestos. An asbestos inspection is different from a home inspection by its focus and methods. Here’s how. Home inspections and asbestos inspectors are two different licensed specialty trades; however some home inspectors do decide to expand into this area of expertise and get the […]

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symptoms of mold exposure
25 September

9 Symptoms of Mold Exposure in Your Home

These top signs of mold exposure from mold in your home are common before mold inspection and further testing is sought. Read on to see solutions here.

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