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We provide Home Inspections and Testing Services

Our residential home inspections in Michigan include add-on services such as Sewer Inspection and Video Scope, Radon testing, Mold testing and analysis, Air Quality and Water Quality testing. We help homebuyers or sellers be aware of any issues that need to addressed in the home.

Residential Inspection Walkthrough

Take advantage of our thorough walk-through during your home inspection to get to know your new home. We advise you on the major and minor systems of your home so you have the best information possible!

Sewer Inspection

From old pipes to tree-lined streets with invasive roots, every home can benefit from a sewer scope inspection. This service verifies the condition of the main sewer from the house to the city/private connection. Damage to the main sewer line is expensive to repair, so having it inspected is suggested.

Radon Testing

Testing your home is the way to find out if your radon levels are high and you or your family are at risk of radon exposure. Radon can have a big impact on Indoor Air Quality. Testing is recommended in homes every 2 years as homes settle and radon levels can change with new cracks in the foundation. When was the last time your home was tested?

Warranties With Every Home Inspection

We provide free warranties with every home inspection! Recall Check, 90 Day Warranty, Home Binder, Sewer|Gard and Mold Safe.

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We promise high quality, friendly and affordable Home Inspections

We offer professional home inspections by providing unbiased information that informs you and provides the knowledge you need to know you are making a great investment. We exceed national, state regulations and standards with the latest equipment on the market.

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Question & Answer

Most common question about our services

How do I receive the inspection report??

Our inspection reports are emailed to you and your agent within 24 hours of your home inspection in Michigan. Our reports include photographs, and are not overly complex to digest while still being detailed and thorough!

How long does the home inspection take??

Generally a thorough home inspection takes 2 to 3 hours, depending on Sq. Footage of the home and if there additional buildings, and other services.

Should I attend my home inspection??

The home inspection is the time you will learn everything about your future home and the systems as we walk you through explaining important points or matters about major and minor systems. It is a good idea to have at least one of the homeowners present. We are highly rated for our informative walk-throughs. This gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have.

Visit our FAQS page to find answers to more of your questions there! 

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